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It’s the day before the eviction inside the Big Brother 24 house and The Leftovers are just counting the hours until tomorrow night’s eviction. The plan is still the same as since Monday’s veto ceremony and the focus this week is still on getting pretty comfortable with their fellow BB24 guests. Read on to find out what the Big Brother guests all had to say inside the house and who may be future targets.

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10:25 BBT – HGs wake up.

10:45 AM BBT – Nicole tells Daniel that she spoke to Kyle and told him that everyone has a great social game and they really like it. She also warned him that if he works with the other side of the house, they will use and manipulate him.

10:55 a.m. BBT – Taylor speaks on cam and mentions that starting tomorrow, she will have seen the block more than anyone this season on an eviction night.

11:15 AM BBT – Taylor says if she doesn’t win HOH, she will eventually go HN next week. She adds that if she wins HOH, that means Brittany and Michael will likely end up becoming HNs. Taylor then says she loves Brittany, Michael and Joseph and is campaigning for Joseph to get the AFP.

11:22 AM BBT – Nicole is in the kitchen recounting a conversation she had with Taylor, Turner and Joseph about whether there are more wheels or doors in the world. Taylor is sitting upstairs saying she started this conversation with the cameras. Taylor mentions how she sparked so many great conversations in this house and no one gives her credit.

11:32 AM BBT – Taylor manifests a HOH victory next week and says if she wins she will send Daniel home. She adds that Indy is only nice to her because she thinks she (T) is going home.

12:05 PM BBT – Nicole campaigns with Michael and asks if he was still leaning to keep her over Taylor. He tells her he is.

12:08 PM BBT – Michael tells Nicole that he thinks it would be better for his game if Nicole stays and joins him and Brittany. She says absolutely because it takes both of them off target.

12:11 PM BBT – Michael asks Nicole if she talked to Monte about how he would vote in the event of a tie. Nicole says no, she hasn’t spoken to him since the veto ceremony. She adds that she doesn’t think Monte was happy about Daniel using the Veto when he told her not to. She adds that he (M) always said Taylor was his target, but she doesn’t want to assume.

12:28 PM BBT – Joseph tells Kyle that he won’t tell anyone where he votes and that he doesn’t care anyway. He says he won’t start disclosing that he’s voting against Nicole until tomorrow, but he’s worried someone will tell Nicole or Daniel.

12:30 PM BBT – Brittany joins the conversation and just asks them to let her and Michael know when they start disclosing their vote. Taylor says that in the meantime, she’s going to pack her things and have a day of self-care and working on her speech.

12:36 PM BBT – Taylor asks Brittany if Michael told her about Po’s Pack before he was exposed. She tells him that he told her just before. Brittany expresses that she spoke to Michael last night and that he is for both of them and Taylor says she trusts them, but she has questions.

1:30 PM BBT – Nicole heads to the HOH with Monte to talk to him. Nicole says she really thinks Daniel is so determined to get Taylor out that he didn’t even consider the risk she would be taking. She says she appreciates that he came to see her and let her know his concerns.

1:32 PM BBT – Brittany and Indy talk about voting tomorrow. Indy says that of the two, she trusts Nicole more, but she has more

1:35 PM BBT – Nicole asks Monte if he will vote to keep her if the vote is split? He asks if she thinks the vote will be split. She says he said Indy, Alyssa and Jasmine weren’t going to vote for her, so she doesn’t know if she can believe someone is going to vote for her. He said he didn’t say they weren’t going to vote for her, he said they didn’t trust him. She tells him that she took it because they won’t keep her.

1:39 PM BBT – Nicole asks Monte again who he would vote for, he says his target is Taylor.

1:54 PM BBT – Nicole tells Monte that if she’s still here and wins HOH, she’ll put on Alyssa & Indy or Turner & Jasmine and she wants to join Brittany & Michael. She expresses that if the three girls don’t trust her, then one of them is her target. She adds that she has spoken to Michael and Brittany and that they are ok with her joining them.

2:06 PM BBT – Monte is talking on cam now that Nicole has left the HOH room. He talks about how he had to go along with what she was saying, even though he knew Nicole threw him under the bus with Jasmine, Alyssa, and Indy. He adds that she’s playing dumb about Daniel using the veto when Daniel told Kyle that they (D&N) both thought Monte was lying.

2:08 PM BBT – Monte wonders if he should go to Jasmine and tell her that Nicole just lied to him about leaving for Jasmine. He thinks this will have a ripple effect on Indy and Alyssa because Jasmine will probably tell them too. He tries to get a 9-1 vote against Nicole, with Daniel being the only vote for her to stay.

2:11 PM BBT – Nicole tells Jasmine and Alyssa that Monte is doubling down on what he told her the morning of the veto ceremony.

2:16 PM BBT – Jasmine tells Alyssa, Michael, and Brittany that she doesn’t want to be like last week (blinded). Michael says he’s still pretty sure the plan is to throw Taylor out.

2:18 PM BBT – Brittany and Michael tell Jasmine and Alyssa that all they’re thinking about is that Nicole wouldn’t tell them who her targets were next week. Brittany adds that she told him she didn’t know who she could trust. Jasmine tells them that Nicole told her she really loves them.

2:20 PM BBT – Jasmine thinks if Nicole stays, she’ll join Turner and her.

2:22 PM BBT – Alyssa tells them that she thinks Taylor is considering joining her and Indy.

2:26 PM BBT – Jasmine confirms with Alyssa and Michael that the plan is to reject Taylor and simply asks that if things change, let them know.

2:32 PM BBT – Nicole tells Joseph that she can’t count on votes from Alyssa, Indy, or Jasmine.

2:34 PM BBT – Nicole tells Michael that she feels good about her conversation with Monte. She says Monte told her he would reject Taylor in the event of a tie.

2:36 PM BBT – Joseph tells Terrance that if the house wants Taylor out, so does he, but he’s starting to feel that people don’t trust Nicole. Terrance confirms that he is voting with them. Neither wants to be on the wrong side of the vote.

2:40 PM BBT – Terrance tells Joseph that they need to win HOH to protect themselves. They agree that the three of them would be an easy backdoor plan for anyone.

3:00 PM BBT – Michael tells Alyssa that Nicole hinted to him that she was going to join him and Brittany if she stayed. He tells her he’s been thinking about it and that she only has three teams left to put together if she wins HOH (Alyssa & Indy, Jasmine & Turner and Monte, Joseph & Terrance). Brittany joins the conversation, Alyssa tells them that she senses something is wrong. Alyssa is worried because Nicole never mentioned joining her with Indy, meaning she thinks she and Indy would be Nicole’s target.

Jasmine, Alyssa, and Indy are still considering voting for Nicole to stay, but also seem open to reversing their vote if it meant they would be on the safe side. While the Remainers plan to divulge to some guests that they plan to reverse their vote, they’re also a bit concerned that Nicole or Daniel might get wind of the change in plans.

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