Details of Mystikal rape case emerge

Grim details have emerged regarding the alleged rape of a woman for which Mystikal was arrested.

According to a report published by the lawyer On Tuesday (Aug. 2), Mystikal, born Michael Tyler, is charged with assaulting the alleged victim following an argument over money, Sheriff’s Detective Garrett Keith testified at a bail hearing on Tuesday (August 2). same day. The incident happened on July 30 at the rapper’s home in Prairieville, Louisiana. The victim, who Mystikal’s attorney says has a long-term relationship with the former No Limit artist, claims Mystikal got angry after concluding she took money from him. As a result, he allegedly punched, choked and tore the woman’s hair. He would then have prevented her from leaving the house by taking her keys and her mobile phone.

Keith says the woman tried to help Mystikal find the money — $100 according to AllHipHop — and instead discovered a “crystalline” substance in her dresser. Xanax, heroin and marijuana were also later discovered in the home by officers.

After being beaten by the victim, she claims that Mystikal went from anger to remorse for his actions against her. He prayed with her and doused her with rubbing alcohol to clean her “evil spirits” before forcing her to lie on a bed and raping her.

After leaving the house, the victim went to a local hospital where she was given a rape kit. Medical personnel found that her injuries were consistent with her rape allegations. Detectives also found clumps of the woman’s hair and a broken fingernail at Mystikal’s home.

Mystikal was arrested on July 31 and initially charged with two misdemeanors; simple penal interference with property and sequestration. He was also charged with three other crimes, including domestic violence by strangulation, larceny and first-degree rape.

A judge denied the rapper’s bail on Tuesday. Mystikal now faces five other drug charges, including possession of Schedule II amphetamines, possession of Schedule IV controlled hazardous substances, two counts of possession of Schedule I controlled hazardous substances and paraphernalia, according to police records after deputies searched his home.

Mystikal’s attorney, Roy Maughan Jr. maintains that his client is innocent.

“There was never any suggestion of domestic violence between them,” Maughan told reporters after the bail hearing. “We [are] extremely disappointed that the judge decided to hold Mr. Tyler without bail under the feeling that he could potentially do something else to the victim and I don’t think it’s up to Mr. Tyler to do that.”

XXL contacted the Ascension Parish Police Department and the Mystikal team for comment.

Mystikal has a history of sexual assault. In 2003, he pleaded guilty to sexual assault and extortion in connection with the rape of his former hairstylist. He was sentenced to six years in prison. He was released in January 2010. Two years later, he spent two months behind bars for violating his probation in connection with the case.

He was again charged with rape in Louisiana in 2017. The rhymer was charged with rape and kidnapping in September. After spending two years in jail, Mystikal was able to post $3 million bond. He skated over the allegations after the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

Mystikal is a registered sex offender for life following the 2003 conviction for sexual assault and extortion.

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