[VIDEO] ‘The Sandman’ Explained: Netflix’s Neil Gaiman Series

Do you have a few minutes? We’ll bring you up to date with the worlds of genre TV you’ve always wanted to step into (but also intimidated you). Next up: Netflix’s trippy adaptation of Neil Gaiman The sand man comics. All 10 episodes of Season 1 begin airing Friday, August 5.

THE SOURCE MATERIAL | A 1989–1996 DC Comics series of the same name, written by Neil Gaiman (american gods, good omens) and drawn and colored by various artists.

THE ESSENTIAL | Morpheus, lord of a mystical realm known as The Dreaming, is the keeper of all of mankind’s dreams (and nightmares). He and his siblings – Death, Desire, Despair, etc. – are collectively known as The Endless: embodiments of the concepts they represent. When we meet Morpheus, who is also called Dream (among many others), he has just been imprisoned in the waking world by a wealthy, magic-obsessed man who fantasizes about conquering death.

the-sandman-explained-video-netflixPREVIOUS ADAPTATIONS | Over the years, many people have tried to adapt The sand man in a movie or TV show. None succeeded, partly because the scope of the series is so vast and partly because a fiercely protective Gaiman disagreed with most of the projects’ visions. “For more than 30 years, my role in Sand seller the adaptations were just to try to prevent bad ones from happening,” he said. “And fortunately, I have always succeeded in this field.”

Do I need to have read the comic to understand the show? | No… but immerse yourself in The sand manThe quirky and expansive universe of will definitely be a heavier lift for those unfamiliar with graphic novels.

he-sandman-explained-video-netflixMAJOR COMIC ACTORS | In addition to Morpheus/Dreamplayed by bittersweetthis is Tom Sturridge, The sand manThe sprawling cast of includes: Death (Kill Eve‘s Kirby Howell-Baptiste), the warm and down-to-earth brother of Morpheus • Lucienne (The witches‘ Vivienne Acheampong), assistant to Morpheus and librarian of The Dreaming • Lucifer (game of thrones‘Gwendoline Christie), the cunning ruler of Hell; Desire (cowboy bebop‘s Mason Alexander Park), the suspicious brother of Morpheus • Matthew (voiced by AP Organic‘s Patton Oswalt), a sarcastic crow who accompanies Morpheus into the waking world • Roderick Burgess (game of thrones‘ Charles Dance), the aforementioned rich man • Johanna Constantin (Doctor Who‘s Jenna Coleman), a successful necromancer who may remind comic book fans of someone else with the same last name • rose walker (newcomer Vanesu Samunyai), a young woman with a connection to Morpheus that she doesn’t understand • John Dee (the Harry Potter films’ David Thewlis), a troubled man bent on destroying the world • and The Corinthian (The fugitive‘s Boyd Holbrook), a nightmare that escaped from The Dreaming.

the-sandman-explained-video-netflixWHO IS IN CHARGE? | Gaiman developed and wrote the adaptation with David S. Goyer (Foundation, Constantine) and Allan Heinberg (Grey’s Anatomy, wonder woman). All three serve as executive producers on the series, and Heinberg also serves as showrunner.

And now you are caught! Check out our explainer video at the top of the article – featuring Sturridge, Howell-Baptiste, Coleman and Gaiman – to see more footage from the series, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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