Bold and beautiful: Steffy and Finn are reunited in Monte-Carlo in front of a church

In Monaco, Finn rushes down the stairs to a woman he believes to be Steffy, but the woman is not her and is quickly joined by her protective boyfriend and taken away.

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In their hotel suite, Taylor and Ridge get excited about Finn finding the kids – it all feels like a dream. Ridge gets a call from Deputy Chief Baker, who overhears him saying he knows Finn is alive. He has bad news about Sheila Carter. “She ran away again.” Ridge then takes a call from Finn, who still hasn’t found Steffy. They offer him to come and join him to search.

Back in Los Angeles, in Deacon’s tiny bedroom, he ignores the persistent knock on the door, assuming it’s Paul who wants him to cover another shift. When he loses patience, he walks over and opens the door… and is amazed to see Sheila!
Sheila Deacon B&B

Deacon blurts out, “Oh no, not today. Definitely not!” Sheila walks past him and complains, “I need help.” She begs him to give her just a minute. “Please don’t report me, I have nowhere where to go.”
Bust of Sheila Deacon in B&B

In Monte Carlo, Steffy stands, moved, in front of the perspective at the edge of the water.

Elsewhere, Finn stares at his phone in frustration until Taylor and Ridge arrive with Flavia, Steffy’s therapist. The woman hugs Finn and then explains that Steffy takes very long walks because of her deep depression. They split up to search.

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In Deacon’s room, Sheila vows to do whatever it takes to avoid going back to jail. Deacon thinks it’s the attitude that gets him in trouble. She complains about Steffy and Deacon reminds her that she’s not the victim here! He wants to know what happened in the alley that night and assumes she shot Steffy to shut her up. Sheila protests that she had no choice at the time – it was either that or she was gone for the rest of her life. Deacon marvels, “She’s got two grandkids, and you were okay with bringing their mother…bringing both their parents?!” Nothing will change the fact that she killed her own son. Sheila reveals that she didn’t. “That’s the beauty of it all, Deacon. My son is alive. Deacon watches her as she lets out a giggle.
Deacon Sheila debates B&B

In Monaco, Finn looks for Steffy in the square, in vain.

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Now seated on a stone bench, Steffy reflects on her romantic past with Finn. A Frenchwoman, (played by Days alum Ayda Field), stops and asks if she’s okay or if there’s anything she can do to help. Steffy says no one can help her, but the woman touches her hand and says, “Maybe there is.” She walks away and Steffy turns her head as the church bell rings loudly.

At Deacon’s, he marvels at the story Sheila is telling him about her and Li protecting Finn. He thinks the guy’s mother was protecting him from Sheila, who insists they both took care of him. Deacon finds this extraordinary. Sheila explains what a huge relief it was to find out her son was alive. Deacon can’t believe Li brought him back to life and wonders if someone told Steffy. Sheila says he might be tracking him down right now. Deacon asks where this is leading her. Sheila would love to be a part of their lives, but that’s not going to happen – she’s a fugitive. Deacon warns that she shouldn’t have come there – he’s on probation. Sheila tells Deacon he’s all she’s got. “I need your help.”

In Monaco, Ridge tells Taylor, “It’s not that big,” as they split up to continue searching. Taylor approaches a woman who isn’t his daughter, and Ridge shows Steffy’s photo to two women who haven’t seen her.

Now inside a church, Steffy lights candles.

Outside in the streets of Monte Carlo, Finn wonders, “Steffy, where are you? He hears the church bell ringing.

In Los Angeles, Sheila begs Deacon to let her stay. Deacon can not shelter a fugitive. She swears he won’t do drugs in there – they’ll never know she was there. Deacon asks if she expects him to give up his freedom for her. Sheila didn’t kill anyone. “Nobody died. Steffy and Finn are fine. Deacon thinks she got lucky and that doesn’t mean she gets a free pass. Sheila argues that the weeks spent believing she killed her own son was punishment enough. She recaps how she really thought she had a chance to be part of the family and reminds him that this tragedy will bring Steffy and Finn together and make them even better. Deacon asks, “Do you even get along?” He wonders if he intends to continue sailing as if nothing had happened. Sheila doesn’t know, but she can’t go back behind bars; she won’t survive it. Sheila knows she’s asking a lot, but “I need you.” Just then, Deputy Chief Baker begins pounding on the door. Sheila whispers and urges “Please” to Deacon, who looks panicked.
Deacon Sheila hears the door B&B

In Monaco, Taylor reunites with Ridge. None of them managed to find her.

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Nearby, Finn approaches the church just as Steffy emerges. From afar, Finn calls out his name. Steffy sees Finn and can’t believe her eyes. In slow motion, they run towards each other and kiss. Steffy’s legs almost give way under her as she moans, “Finn, Oh my God. How?!” They watch as Finn holds his wife, who runs her hands over his shoulders and chest in disbelief before pulling her back to him in another crushing embrace.
Finn Steffy Reunites B&B

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Next on Love glory and beauty: Deacon is forced to make a split-second decision, and Steffy and Finn celebrate their return to each other’s arms.

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