Another Portion of Leftovers – Big Brother Network

With the Big Brother 24 house splitting and the power picking up to win, this week had two paths the game could take. The remnants could move on, or the other side could take revenge after this blind side of Ameerah.

Sunday night’s episode picks up in the middle of this pre-HOH competition as the players searched for the red invites that would put them in the actual competition. Only eight guests will compete.

Jasmine, Brittany, and Terrance have invites at this point. They are then joined by

But let us return first to the moments following the expulsion. Nicole panics. Alyssa is devastated and the Remnants must begin their plans for cover-up. Michael is stuck in the bathroom and acknowledges his vote. Alyssa, Nicole and Jasmine thank him for his honesty.

Back to the HOH qualification… Monte finds his invitation just like Daniel. They are joined by Joseph. There are two places left. And those go to Nicole and Alyssa.

So that means three of the eight are leftovers (Brittany, Monte, and Joseph). The chances for them to maintain power this week are not good.

Now let’s get to the actual competition. For this competition, all eight players must slide cups across three abilities to determine their scores. It’s a typical BB crapshoot game with the movie theme “Invitation”.

  • Alyssa is first and scores a 4.
  • Nicole calls and finishes with a score of 9.
  • Joseph is next and gets a score of 5.
  • Daniel ends his turn with a score of 4.
  • Monte is next. He scores 11 and beats Nicole.
  • Brittany is in place and gets a score of 3.
  • Terrance calls Brittany and gets 4 points.
  • Jasmine is last and ends the game with only 5 points.

This means that Monte is the new head of the family! It also means Joseph and Terrance are safe as Monte’s festive Besties.

And white, the Leftovers are all partying inside, Nicole lets us know she’s bummed and doesn’t know where her game is going. She says she’s feeling left out right now and that it’s a “super shitty feeling”.

Daniel also feels out of the loop, so they want to get to the bottom of the vote. Alyssa and Indy are also quite confused. Alyssa is particularly angry at Kyle for not informing her of a vote reversal.

And of course, Jasmine only focuses on Taylor and how Taylor knew about the vote, but she didn’t. For some reason, some people in the house are still obsessed with Taylor.

The Remnants are meeting to discuss the plan this week. They all seem to agree that this week the focus should be on Alyssa, Nicole, or Daniel. Taylor said she would love to see Nicole go, and it would be a burden on her shoulders, but she would love to not hit the block for once. But then she suggests she could ride with Nicole after initially naming Alyssa and Indy.

Let’s go to the naming ceremony and find out. Monte throws Alyssa and Indy on the block, and if the competition and the veto ceremony work out a certain way, the target could be Nicole. That, however, would mean Taylor would have to come back up once more. And Monte lets her know that he doesn’t want to just use her as a pawn, and if she doesn’t want to come back up, it’s not going to happen.

Taylor says she can be strong one more time, but that’s it. So it looks like Monte has his plan. And during the investiture ceremony, it is set in motion. Monte nominates Alyssa and Indy for expulsion.

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