What are the Vabbing and Mucus Fishing trends on TikTok? The guide to child culture for disconnected adults

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Whether they’re toddlers, teenagers, or 23-year-olds, young people are disgusting. Old people are disgusting too, of course, because being rude is the human condition. So let’s celebrate by digging into the trends and topics that are fascinating young people on the internet this week: slime fishing, vabbing, and most disgusting of all, hhaving to work to earn a living.

Two New Gross TikTok Trends: Mucus Fishing and Vabbing

I apologize in advance if you have never heard of these two things that are gaining popularity among young people on social networks.

  • Mucus peach: Mucus fishing involves using a cotton swab or your finger to squeeze mucus out of your eyes and posting a video of the stomach turning process. Not only is that rude, but Removing mucus from your eyes can cause irritation and cause more mucus to be produced. Ophthalmologists agree it’s a bad idea to touch your eyeballs.
  • Vabber: Popularized by “qualified sexologist” Shan Boodran“vabbing” is a portmanteau that combines “vagina” and “dabbing”.”So it’s dabbing vaginal fluid on your skin like a perfume with the idea of ​​attracting a partner. It’s often done before a sweaty workout at the gym. Vaginas are awesome and all, but I have to stop thinking about it now.

Three TikTok take on the job: quietly quitting smoking, and the dangers of a non-toxic workplace

As the trends above show, social media can be a bad thing, but as a counterweight to all that vabbing and slime fishing, that’s something positive that young people are coming out of TikTok: Career advice from peers.

Before the Internet, the main sources of information for young workers on “how to get a job” the information was strongly focused on management: Inc.Magazine, or HR brochures. But now, rather than reading articles with titles like “Do you work hard enough?” entry-level drones can get non-bullshit working wisdom with a “you are more important than your job” bias.

What is “stop quietly”?

Like this video of zkchilin which defines the concept of “silent weaning”. Quieting is “when you don’t quit your job outright. But you abandon the idea of ​​going beyond that. You’re still doing your job, but you no longer subscribe to the hustle culture mentality that work should be your life. Definitely something I wish I had considered when I was 21 and knocking myself out for people who didn’t respect me.

What does it mean to be “voluntary”?ld”?

The business hunt is a TikToker devoted to career advice and jokes, and its many videos are full of practical words that young workers need, like what to say when your boss gives you more work without extra payand what it’s like to be “volun-dit” to do some extra work. The videos are funny memes instead of anything life changing, but the comments, in which young workers sympathize and share their experiences, are the real joy of this account.

Is your workplace too non-toxic?

My latest Tikjob influencer is Ayomitokwhich promises career advice and humor, but I’m not sure they’re the best source either. in this video, ayomitok reports that his current workplace is non-toxic sufficient. “I realize that I live quietly for drama and thrive in chaos,” they wrote, “my new job isn’t dysfunctional enough to bring out the best in me.” Also a bit debatable: to name/defame a company for having had the temerity not to hire you. And then do it to another company. At the risk of sounding like a writer during Inc.Magazinepotential employers box check your TikTok—who would want to risk public castigation by even questioning someone who did this?

The “Kia challenge” is very real.

The police services of miami at Saint Louis warn people of the “Kia Challenge”. There are reportedly videos on TikTok and YouTube showing how easy it is to steal certain Kia and Hyundai models. I don’t know how many videos there are, or if they are challenging to steal cars, but the basic info is accurate. According to our ever-accurate sister site JalopnikCar thieves can actually bypass the key chip in some Hyundai and Kia models by sticking a phone charger into a port on the theft wheel. From there they set off again, leaving the Kia owners to take the bus. It’s not exactly a new problembut the spread of videos the retailer on TikTok could lead to an increase in car thefts. Or maybe it’s the broadcast of videos warning about videos that show you how to steal cars.

Viral Video of the Week: The Deadliest Virus on Earth

i will have it all Creation right now: this week’s viral video is literally viral video. Funny Science YouTubers In Brief – In Brief the latest video is a deep dive into The deadliest virus on Earth: Lyssavirus, also known as “rabies”. You’re probably familiar with the macro effects of rabies – how crazy it drives you, foams at your mouth, and makes you fear water – but the microscopic world of Lyssavirus is just as interesting and scary. The intricate way it tricks your immune system into not killing it as it slowly infects nerve cells until it reaches your brain is as horrifying a story as whose. Although full-blown rabies is nearly 100% fatal, there is usually a long time between being bitten by an enraged Bassett and death, so victims can be saved with a vaccine. Usually.

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