“Big Brother” recap: [Spoiler] Kicked out of Season 24 Week 3

In a Big brother twist that even the most dedicated fans wouldn’t have seen coming, something really unexpected happened to season 24 earlier this week: It got good.

Until a few days ago, CBS’s latest Basic Summer cycle ranged from boring to extremely painful to watch, thanks in large part to the house’s exhausting and never-ending obsession with evicting Taylor. for no apparent reason. But during the Turner householder’s reign this week, the alliance of remnants – made up of Turner, Monte, Kyle, Joseph, Brittany, Taylor and Michael – emerged, aiming to reclaim power in the house and make real threats. (On live streams, The Leftovers’ pledge to blindside Ameerah with her potential expulsion was, deservedly, delightful. The lies! The seeds of doubt! acting!)

To that end, Thursday’s episode had a lot of ground to cover, including the veto ceremony. Let’s dive in:

THE VETO MEETING | As expected, Michael and Brittany come out of the OR… but what’s going on? not expected, for most people in the Po’s Pack and Girls’ Girls alliances, is that Turner replaces them with Ameerah and Terrance, not Taylor and Nicole. In his speech, Turner attributes the choice to his lack of discussion about the game with Ameerah and Terrance – but he also takes the opportunity to speak out against the relentless targeting/bullying of Taylor by his housemates, which leaves Taylor in grateful tears. . (Oh !)

Several of Ameerah’s allies, like Nicole and Jasmine, are genuinely shocked to see Ameerah come up, and they begin to wonder who Turner might possibly be aligned with who would approve of Ameerah’s nomination. But hilariously, even when the answer is right in front of them, they can’t figure it out: At one point, Ameerah walks out into the garden to find a whole group of The Leftovers hanging out together by the hammock, but even then, she reports to Nicole and Daniel that she thinks they were all chilling and not talking about gambling. “I can’t imagine any of them are talking about gambling,” suggests Daniel, this to which Ameerah replies, “Everyone’s just chilling. Like, that’s who stays. Gah! You couldn’t write a better script, folks!

EXPULSION | The remnants are then tasked with pretending they don’t know Ameerah is the real target, which is a delightful display of action from all seven of them. In fact, Nicole is so certain that Terrance is leaving that she even recount him, he doesn’t have the voices to stay, then confesses to her – like some kind of weird parting gift? – that she previously worked as a cop.

Big Brother 24 Ameerah expelledBut hoo boy, Eviction Night doesn’t turn out the way Nicole thinks. When it comes time to vote, all members of the Leftovers alliance who box vote this week – that is, everyone but Turner – votes against Ameerah. But Daniel too, who think he throws Terrance a vote of sympathy which ultimately won’t change the outcome of the eviction, but actually increases the margin against Ameerah; she is ousted in a 7-4 vote, and Nicole’s (pictured) reaction sums up the mood in the house after Julie announces the results. (Ameerah, to her credit, tells her roommates, “It’s okay. You got me!” and admits in her postgame interview that guests were right to perceive her as a threat.)

THE HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD COMPETITION | Before the HOH competition, the newly non-Bestied Terrance can choose an existing Besties duo he’d like to make a trio – with the same Bestie rules applying for the upcoming week – and he chooses to partner with. Monte and Joseph.

Sadly, we don’t see the whole Head of Household Challenge play out on-air. It’s another competition that takes place in phases, and only phase one – which requires players to find red party invitations in a sea of ​​envelopes raining down from the sky, Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone-style – is current at credits time. The first eight invitees to find a red invite will advance to the next phase, and by the end of the episode, only Jasmine, Terrance, and Brittany have made it.

With that, I give it to you. How satisfying was this blindness of Ameerah? And who do you want to see become head of the family? Tell us below!

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